Patrick and Marina  particularly enjoy the opportunities where, within the same piece of work, they can utilize both their restoration and upholstery skills. In these two areas they feel the most passionate and so gain the highest level of fulfillment.


Patrick Chambers

Patrick Chambers began his journey into Restoration & Upholstery in 1998. He spent the first 6 years in Ireland serving an apprenticeship in both trades where he intentionally refrained from using modern machinery relying solely on the hand tools that would have been available to the craftsmen of the period for each piece of work, which stands testament to his dedication in achieving the highest possible level of hand skills with understanding and authenticity. In 2004 Patrick went to Buckinghamshire Chilterns University where he attained a 1st Class BA Honours Degree in Furniture Conservation & Restoration and received a commendation for cabinet making. Patrick, further to his degree, attained Distinction in his Master Upholsterer Certificate and also won an award for Excellence in the Craft of Upholstery.


Marina Chambers

Marina Chambers, originally from Japan, developed a passion for fabrics from early childhood. Watching her Grandmother weave hand-spun, rainbow coloured silks into kimonos has ingrained in her an appreciation for intricate detail and a love for textiles. Earlier in Marina’s career she worked many years in Tokyo as an Interior Designer. From this, she developed an interest in furniture – in particular the craft behind it. This interest sparked a career change and so in 2004, Marina came to England to study antiques. Marina also attained a BA Honours Degree in Furniture Restoration & Conservation at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University, where she met Patrick and, like Patrick, also followed her degree with a Distinction in her Master Upholsterer Certificate from the Association of Master Upholsterers & Soft Furnishers.